your body and mind

your body and mind

your body and mind

your body and mind

Bella Vita

Well-being for your
soul and body

At the Hotel Bella Riva we believe in a lifestyle that knows how to combine the well-being of the mind & body with the harmony of the natural rhythms. We offer a series of Naturopathy treatments that aim to stimulate the innate capacity of self-healing and to return to the balance of the human body through holistic techniques and remedies.
Not only that, at Hotel Bella Riva we offer private yoga lessons to restore the union between body, mind and spirit, a rediscovered balance capable of bringing well-being and awareness to our true self.

Oriental Treatments

  • Holistic Plantar Reflexology (Western Method)
  • Chinese Plantar reflexology (Eastern Method)
  • Postural Plantar Reflexology Treatment
  • TUI NA
  • Postural TUI NA
  • A choice between emotional balance, insomnia and anti-stress
  • Treatment for Her &Him: Detox and Circulatory
  • Decontracting Energy Back Massage
  • “Al Bellariva la Bella Vita” Massage

Western Treatments

  • Dorsal Decontracting
  • Deep Tissue
  • Relaxing Body Massage with Essential Oils


We are often caught in the daily fast and stressful pace to the point that we prioritize the world around instead of ourselves, ending up chasing for what we do not have instead of enjoying what life has already given us. Most of the time, this mindset leads us to project our hopes and believes of a better period to the future, forgetting that all that exists is here and now, the present moment where we should concentrate all our energies.

Yoga is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal to reconnect with our inner selves, finding again our center and balance, and creating space and inner expansion by putting us and our health first. This practice enables us to perceive the outer world and the daily situations we deal with just as a journey, a movie where we choose not be spectators but the main actors, creating the life that we want for ourselves and for the community around.

At Bella Riva Hotel we offer various yoga practices through private lessons suitable for all levels.

Special Treatments 2021

  • Sound Healing
    The powerful vibrations from the Alchemy Crystal Bowls produce tones and overtones that are able to entrain the body’s cells, mind and emotional system, allowing you to release stored stress and to recognize and embrace the healing found in nature’s patterns, rhythms and truths.
  • Deep Release Massage & Sonic Teraphy
  • Yoga & Soundhealing

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